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Join The Chandler Customer Ambassador Program

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Ready to earn some extra money?

Join now and start receiving payouts! That's extra money for summer vacation or even the holidays!

What is The Chandler Customer Ambassador Program?

We're delighted that you've asked! A Customer Ambassador plays a crucial role at The Chandler, making you an essential par of our business. The best part? We reward YOU for bringing customers, visitors, and guests to our doorstep.

As a small business, our marketing budget is limited. Rather than channeling those funds to big corporations, we believe in empowering local individuals like yourself. By sharing your Chandler Experience and spreading the word, you become a driving force in attracting more business to our shop.

But here's the real gem: ALL OUR MARKETING DOLLARS STAY RIGHT HERE, LOCALLY. Instead of feeding into the pockets of non-local corporations, we invest in our residents directly. No more funding billboards and magazines owned by distant entities. This way, our vibrant Grove City economy flourishes, benefiting everyone in our community.

How does it work?

It's super easy!

1. First ensure you meet our minimum qualifications. See qualifications

2. Register as an ambassador. Register here.

3. Receive your start up kit that includes business cards, brochures, and post cards with your Ambassador ID. Additionally, you will have access to graphics media to post on your personal social media pages.

4. Share these materials with friends, family, co-workers and neighbors. When they attend a workshop with your ambassador ID, you get paid!



> What does it mean to be a Chandler Customer Ambassador?

As a Chandler Customer Ambassador, you are the face, the voice, and the local resource for word-of-mouth marketing. You have the freedom to earn a commission on all customers and sales that you personally refer to The Chandler. You can always increase your commission by referring non-local customers to our Chandler Reserve Box and national subscription service that brings The Chandler Experience to your door step. Additionally, you have the freedom to earn free products and experiences to share with your family and friends.

> What makes The Chandler so special?

The Chandler has become a staple in the Grove City, Ohio historic district. Where else can you have the freedom to scent your story, be who you are, and live your way?  With over 80 fragrances and limitless combinations, we aren't simply another candle, we are place where you can capture your personality and let it shine for all else to experience.

> Why do people become Chandler Customer Ambassadors?

Many join because they simply love our experience; they stay because they fall in love with the community. From there, Customer Ambassadors have the freedom to make a semi-passive income and get free products and incentives to share with friends and family.

> How do I join The Chandler Customer Ambassador Program?

Click any of the "Start Now" buttons above, ensure you meet the minimum qualifications, and fill out the enrollment application. There is NO payment required to become a Customer Ambassador. Enrollment is entirely FREE. One of our Team Members will reach out to you within 2 business days to complete the enrollment process.

> How much does it cost to join and become a Customer Ambassador?

There is NO cost to become a Customer Ambassador. Enrollment is entirely FREE.

> What does the new Customer Ambassador Kit include?

Our New Customer Ambassador Kit includes everything you need to help your word-of-mouth marketing efforts this includes, business cards, brochures, and post cards with your Ambassador ID plus sample scents to hand out. (Contents may vary.)

> What are the requirements for becoming a Customer Ambassador?

  • You must be at least 18 years of age or older.

  • You must be a resident of the United States and have a personal identification number (such as a Social Security number or Employee Identification Number).

  • You must have been a customer and have experienced the Chandler candle making experience within the past 12 months.

  • You must accept the Customer Ambassador Agreement (CAA).

> What is Customer Ambassador commission?

Commissions can vary between products and services and also may be more depending on certain promotional situations. The current base commission rate is 10% for Cash Payouts or 15% Store Credit Payout for all Customer Ambassador sales when customers redeem your Ambassador ID.

> What CRV?

CRV stands for Commissionable Retail Volume, it is the point value of commissionable products that are sold in association with your Ambassador ID and is how all Customer Ambassadors are paid commission. All products are assigned a CRV point value, which is then converted to a dollar rate. At this time 1 CRV point = $1.00 USD.

> Are there monthly sales requirements for Customer Ambassadors?

To be considered "active," you must have at least one (1) sale attributed to your Ambassador ID  once every 3 months. Only active accounts may earn commissions, receive product discounts and invites to special Chandler hosted events. An account is considered inactive if no sales have been attributed to your Ambassador ID for longer than 3 months. An Ambassador ID may be deactivated if no sale has been attributed to your Ambassador ID for longer than 5 months. Once an Ambassador ID is deactivated it can no longer become active without submitting a new application.

> How much money can you make as a Customer Ambassador?

It's up to you. As a Customer Ambassador, the more you market your Ambassador ID through word-of-mouth, social media, and family & friends, the more you can earn.

> Can I earn incentives as a Customer Ambassador?

All Customer Ambassadors have the ability to earn incentives such as gift cards to local businesses, FREE products, Chandler hosted parties and events, and other fun incentives by meeting specific activity requirements.

> Can I or do I have to sponsor other Ambassadors?

No, The Chandler Customer Ambassador program is not a sponsor plan type program. Only The Chandler can authorize individuals to be Customer Ambassadors. Referrals are not accepted.

> Is the Customer Ambassador Program an MLM or party plan style program?

No, The Chandler Customer Ambassador is not Muli-level marketing or party plan style program. Customer Ambassadors my not "recruit" other Ambassadors, nor are they expected to purchase Chandler products.

> Is Customer Ambassador a job?

The Customer Ambassador enrollment process is not an employment application and those selected will not be considered an employee of The Chandler. The Ambassador is an Independent Marketing Contractor role and Ambassadors will be fully responsible for all tax liabilities from commissions earned.

> How many people can become Customer Ambassadors?

To keep the Customer Ambassador program exclusive, only a certain number of Customer Ambassadors may be accepted and active at one time. If the program is full, those that join will be placed on a wait list.

> What if I have additional questions or need help?

We are here to answer any questions you might have. Please feel free to reach out to us by the "Let's Chat" button, the Contact Us page, or by calling 614-887-8381. We will be here every step of the way!

> I've been a Chandler Customer Ambassador before, can I re-join?

Former Customer Ambassadors may reapply only if their prior account was closed in good standing.

> Do Customer Ambassadors get a discount on products?

Yes, Customer Ambassadors do get certain discounts and incentives. Discounts vary.

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