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Jar Selection & Pricing

No experience needed for any of our candle making workshops. Our Chandlers will assist you every step of the way! While our Jar Selection varies from season to season, we always have a selection of single, double, and multi wick candle jars. We even have melts and fragrance sprays.

Jar prices range from $14 to $65 with the most common vessel pricing ranging from $25 to $36. Pricing includes jar, wax, fragrance, and wax coloring. Premium color and personalized options are available to add on for a small fee. 

Interested in bringing your own jar? We can turn any heat resistant cup, bowl, jar, or vessel into a candle. Cost is simply based on ounces filled. Currently bring your own vessel is priced at $2.99/oz for the first 10 ounces then $1.49/oz for 11 or more ounces.

Have a previous Chandler branded vessel from a past visit? Have it refilled and get $5 off the price.

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