Custom On Location Wedding Experience


We are certain you and your significant other have picked out a signature cocktail and a signature song, so why not a special signature candle?

Fill the air with your signature scents and send your guests home with a candle that captures the memory of your special day. 

With over 120 fragrances, you and your partner will have the ability to capture the energy, relaxation and inspiration of your moment. Select the fragrances that represents the feelings you want your guests to recall from your momentous occasion.


Additionally, you can create a custom label that matches your style and occasion for a truly unique keepsake.



Step 1: Get in touch

Reach out to us and you will be connected with our Master Chandlers to begin the process of designing a candle pouring experience specifically for your special day. 

Pour the PERFECT candle.

Step 2: 'Scent Your Story' scent sampling day

Arrive to the shop for your scent sampling day and work one-on-one with your Chandler to compose 4-6 fragrance samples that you want to include in your guests candle pouring experience.

Step 3: Choose your vessel and custom label

Browse our selection of vessels and custom label designs. Choose which vessels you want your guests to pour in. Already have a custom crest or unique artwork? We can incorporate those into the label! 

Step 5: Enjoy your special day and leave the rest to us


Step 4: Secure your time and location

Secure the date, time and location for your special event. A minimum of 20% of the total cost of the event is required to secure your event. Remaining deposits are required 1 week prior to the event date. 

Our Chandlers will arrive 30 mins prior to the event start time to setup our On Location candle making stations with all your preselected vessels, fragrances and labels. At the start time, guests will have the ability to mix and pour their own candle with your chosen fragrances. Candles will be ready for your guests 40 minutes after pouring. 

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