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Telling your story one scent at a time

Surpassed 40% of our goal!

On the morning of Tuesday, February 6th, we had raised $1,172. A great kick off start to our cause of saving the farm table from closing. But what the rest of the day had in store was far stronger than anything I have ever felt in my entire LIFE.

It's no secret that Zack and The Chandler love Grove City and the sense of community that is felt everywhere you turn. From grabbing a pizza at the many pizza places down Broadway to enjoying a drink at Grove City Brew and then following it up with some ice cream at Strawsers. No matter where you go, there is bound to be smiles, cheer, and inclusion.

Our cause with Save The Farm Table is to keep that community charm and give it a place to keep blooming. By Tuesday evening, that mission was screaming at the hill top. Throughout the day, the donation notification sound on my phone kept going off that it started to sound like it's own ring tone. But it's a sound of hope and community and I relish every single chime, for each chime is a story to be told and we want to share that story.

By February 6th, our donations have mounted to a WHOPPING $21,694, bringing us past 40% of our overall $50,000 goal!!!!

We are beyond grateful to everyone who has contributed so far, whether it be by the gift of time, expertise, candles, or experiences, by your generous donations of cash or love, or by shouting the word via social media or email. The Farm Table is not just a store, but a cause that truly belongs to our community.

Thank you! We LOVE you all!

One Heart, One Flame


Columbus Ohio's BEST candle-making experience.

2022 Visit Grove City Trailblazer of the Year Winner.

2023 American Express and Backing Small Business Grant semi-finalist.

We are The Chandler
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