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Celebrate a fantastic academic achievement!


Each candle is personalize with your graduates name and graduating school or institution. 


Fill any room with amazing fragrance.


This ideal 3-wick candle is hand-pourded in Ohio with the highest in quality fragrance oils; an exclusive patent-pending legeacy-blend vegetable & coconut wax; and a consistent & even burn that will leave your space smelling radiant and perfect. DOUBLE MONEY BACK GUARANTEED!


Why you'll love this candle:


  • High Quality lead-free wicks
  • Perfect for living rooms, kitchens, and larger spaces
  • Supporting local Ohio small businesses
  • Patent pending soy-coconut wax with essential oils
  • A unique commerative gift for anyone
  • 200% guarantee
  • Bring back vessel for $1 off your next purchase
  • Qualifies for Candle Love Rewards

Class of 2022 Graduation 3-Wick

  • What do the Fragrance No. smell like?


    Check out our fragrance page to determine which Fragrance No. is perfect for you. Click here.

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